Butcher BBQ - Bird Booster Chipotle

  • Butcher BBQ - Bird Booster Chipotle

Butcher BBQ - Bird Booster Chipotle


by Butcher BBQ



Butcher BBQ - Bird Booster Chipotle

You never thought about injecting chicken before. Now is the time to take your poultry to the next level.

Test have proven that Bird Booster will increase your moisture 20% or better. Bird Booster is made with a natural chicken flavor along with all the goodness that makes it a Butcher BBQ product. This will compliment any way of cooking, along with individual flavors including Herb, Honey, Chipotle, and our Original all is gluten free.

Injecting chicken is easy, just remember while injecting to move your needle around to keep from puting all the product in one spot.

Gluten Free

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